CS+Social Good

Co-founder and founding president of an organization to empower people to use tech for good

Stanford CS (Instructor)

Taught, created and advised 6 new Computer Science courses (CS 90SI, CS 50, CS 51, CS 52, CS 53SI, CS 106S)

Microsoft (Security)


Apple (AI)



The world's free, open, community-powered music platform

Larry Bot

Smart personal assistant connects/automates homes and simplifies daily tasks

Wahington Post Group (Search)

Search/NLP for Trove (merged with Social Code)

Finding Home

Finding habitable exoplanets using machine learning and astrophysics

Personal Conversational Model

The conversational model takes the human utterance as an input and generates the machine response word-by-word


Directly voice your opinion to your city, state, or any community officials, and vote on ideas

Stanford Crushes

Stanford's own dating app


Assistant that processes language, recognizes voice, and measures brain activity to understand your needs and provide the appropriate service

Nano-engineered circuits for wearables

Nano-engineered circuits for wearables


iMous lets people use their mouse and computers just by moving their eyes


Redesigning the e-commerce experience

Mental Health NLP

Uses NLP to create analytics that indicate the user's mental state

Apoie Um Talento

Project that helps talented Brazilian students find funds for educational opportunities

Smart Encoding

Smart encoding software that constantly learns and becomes more efficient

Art Collaboration

Abstract art collaboration with friends